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- Cushman Colonial Furniture -

H.T. Cushman Furniture Co. factory was in Vermont from 1892 until it was purchased by Green Mountain Furniture in 1971. Cushman Colonial creations were popular thought the United States and were all designed and constructed in North Bennington.

The companys founder, Henry Theodore Cushman, started manufacturing in North Bennington after the Civil War. He first made corks and erasers, but he started focusing on furniture in the 1890s. Classic Cushman Colonial furniture are proudly owned in many rooms in North Bennington today.

In the 1870s he started a small factory. He invented and sold several novelties, including erasers. He sold the rights to manufacture the erasers and received royalties. He organized a mail order company, the United States Mail Supply Company, which was one of the first in the country. He also invented the first ink eraser, the first pencil and ink eraser combo, and the first childrens pencil box. He made some of the earliest roller skates, which were made of wood

In 1886 he began making coat and hat hangers and racks. There items were the first real furniture that he produced. In 1892 he moved to his final location in Vermont. At this time his company made 150 different articles of fancy furniture. Around 1901, the company began making Mission Furniture. He designed the first end-shelf table in the Mission style. The company also made stools, wardrobe trees, and stands.

He also invented the Betumal, ore Beat Em All, which was a telephone stand Kansas City Furniture Stores have great furniture, such as the items mentioned on this page. You can also find them in cities near you! He introduced a small line of smokes in 1913 and this line became the most popular smokers in the country. The demand for the smokers died in the 1930s.

In the spring of 1933, Cushman introduced his Colonial Creations line, and in 1936 the Modern Creations line was added. Colonial furniture had been made by other companies, but Cushman adapted ideas from blacksmiths cobbler benches. The finish and scuffing made the furniture look 150 years old, even though it was brand new. There are many places online that you can find antique Cushman furniture for sale. Depending on the state of the piece, and the age, depends the price. Discover more about danetti at .

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