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Furniture Care

While decorating your home, Furniture is also one of the expensive investments that you need to consider. Especially the modern furniture are at high cost and made up of different materials, so you could take much care of your furniture and to help it to last for many years. If you have modern Italian furniture, then you should take extra care to maintain its color and strength. First of all, read the manufacturers instructions carefully, just know what type of materials are used for your furniture.

Many types of new materials are used to fabricate the modern furniture and because of these new materials, the design has been enriched with fascinating colors and textures. This creates a great revolution in modern and contemporary furniture. Here are some suggestions to make you furniture to look good and to extend its life. Dust can accumulate and alleviate the finish on your furniture. This can lead to impairment to the wood. Prefer Dusters for removing dust in your furniture, choose dusters with more surface area and they are better at grabbing the dust particles and holding on to them.

Use cheesecloth for washing woods. Dip cheesecloth in 1 quart boiling water, 3 tablespoons lemon oil and squeeze out well. Clean a small area at one time, rinse instantly with dry cheesecloth. Spray a bit of furniture polish onto the microfiber cloth you are using. Don’t spurt directly onto the furniture. The furniture polish will grasp the dust particles better and leave a nice shine on the wood. Polishing the furniture darken scratches. Try to darken with wood stain, if a scratch is deep. Rub with boiled linseed oil. Wooden furniture should be protected from water, warm objects, and strong cleaning agents and must be used only indoor. Don’t expose your furniture to direct sunlight; this may leads to deterioration of the color.

While replacing or moving your furniture from one placed to another, take at most care, because moving the furniture hardly, may cause damage to your floor and also your precious furniture. Cleaners, polishes and waxes help you to protect the finish of your furniture from abrasions and scratches. Polish with a cloth dipped in a mixture of cigarette ashes and lemon juice or salad oil. Pat with a cloth dipped in lighter fluid and a mixture of rotten stone and salad oil. Use your fingers to wipe liquid into the stain. Cleaning and polishing should be done regularly.


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